That Missing Something

And it’s a big missing something… A drivers license.

Wait. Whuh?

So here’s the thing, I don’t have a drivers license. Yes, I am aware that it is a huge right of passage in almost every young persons life to earn the right to get behind the wheel of a moving mechanical behemoth, but I happened to miss out on this particular ritual. And really, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area (particularly San Francisco/Oakland) where public transportation is plentiful, I never really felt the need. Not to mention I was a ‘closet hippie’ in high school (because kids, and some adults for that matter, can be so unnecessarily cruel) so I didn’t want to contribute to the pollution of Mama Earth.

That’s no longer the case. Well, I mean, I still don’t want to dirty up Mama Earth, but I can’t really drive an RV, or a truck to tow my tiny home without a license, can I?  Ok, technically I can, but I’m trying to be a good upstanding citizen here!  So I’ll just offset that eco-indiscretion by making my future mobile home as eco-friendly as possible! But that’s a post for another day.

Yesterday I had the entire morning off.  So I trekked over to the local DMV office just after dark o’clock in hopes of being one of the very first in line! The office opens at 8am.  I got there at 7:30am… I was NOT the first in line.  Yeesh.

Notice the line of people waiting outside? Fun times.

Notice the line of people waiting outside? Fun times.

Here’s how the morning went… I waited in line outside.  I waited in line inside.  I was given a form to fill out.  I jockeyed for position on the smallish “long” table with the other form-filler-outers and wrestled for one of the few pens on the table. I finished filling out the form.  I got back in line.  I got a number.  I waited again.  But this time I got to sit in uncomfortable chairs the color of dried blood with graffiti tagged all along the backs.  I watched the loverly TV screen that occasionally displayed sample test questions, secretly patting myself on the back for answering them all correctly.  I bobbed my head along to the music coming from the hidden boom box of the older gentleman seated next to me.  My number was called.  I made the long walk all the way to the opposite side of the office to window 27.  The kind lady looked through my form and made sure I was all set to take the test.  All there was left to do before I subjected myself to my usual cold sweats of test taking, was pay the fee.  It cost $32 to take the test.  What???  Yikes.  I looked through my wallet.  I didn’t bring enough cash.  So I pulled out my debit card.  She swiped the card. I entered my pin.  I thought, “Finally.  I can get this RV party started.”… DECLINED.


We tried again.  Same deal.  I was pouting hardcore now.  We tried one more time.  Still declined.

Blargh!  My pin didn’t work!!

So, I was forced to make an appointment for the following morning at 9:50 am.  Oh, well.  At least my adventure was off to an interesting start.  Where would we be if life was just plain easy like that?

Today on the other hand, was a much smoother ride.  The line was a breeze.  The wait was short.  I paid, cash.  Had my “thug-like” picture taken.  Took the test.  Had a minor freak out during the test because I realized that I never actually read the permit manual thingie.  Finished the test and gave it to the lady for correction.  Waited somewhat anxiously.  And…

I passed!  Wooo!!  With only 1 wrong answer.  Heh.  I am now one step closer to my mobile life.

Learner’s permit in hand, I walked outside with a spring in my step.  And what do I spy parked right across the street from the DMV?

Four Winds RV

It’s a sign I tell you!!! =)

And my excitement grows…


Makin’ the Big Move…

Nope.  Not that move.  A different move.  A move back in time, if you will.

Let me explain… In my quest to finance my future home-on-wheels in a timely manner that will appease my travel bug (i.e. as fast as f*ck), I am …brace yourselves… moving back in with my Parents.

Mom & Me

Me and Mama! Beautiful, isn’t she? =)

I know, I know.  Not exactly the ideal situation when you’re 38 and used to living without “adult supervision.”  I do realize just how lucky I am for being one of those that can actually give up their apartment (or rented room in my case) and have supportive parents willing to take them back in and help with this wild traveler’s dream.  I’m certainly not taking that or them for granted.  So, I will be paying them rent.  Just at a MUCH lower rate than my current rent (which I still think is a great deal for San Francisco since it included all utilities in a cool neighborhood).  But you know what?  The Parental Home will give me all utilities as well, PLUS home cooked meals AND most importantly, save me about $800-900/month.

$800 to $900 a month!?!?!  Damn skippy I’m moving back in with my parents!  Besides, Mama says it’ll be nice to have the company.  Dad’s apparently not much of a conversationalist.  Heh.

Mom is super excited about the possibility of me buying or building my own Tiny Home.  She’s as much a fan of the Fencl Tumbleweed Tiny House as I am!  The RV is equally appealing to her because evidently she shared her “wanderlust” gene with me.

So, can I realistically survive cohabitation with the Parentals again?  I think I can.  I hope I can.  I’ve thought a lot about this.  We all agree that it is a temporary move.  A.  Temporary.  Move.  And I need to keep telling myself that it is a TEMPORARY move.  For all our sakes. ;)

So at the first of the month, I will pack my film/video equipment and what little clothing I have and move back in with the ‘Rents, into their converted garage, in San Leandro.  San. Leandro.  Which is SO not San Francisco.  What the heck is there to do in San Leandro?  Hell if I know.  But I guess that’s the point, isn’t it?  Should be easier to save money because there’s really not much to do in that particular city.  Although, I am looking forward to riding my bike again.  Pretty flat land over there on the other side of the “ocean” so there will be much riding to be done!  I currently live in Potrero Hill.  The very TOP of Potrero Hill where riding your bike isn’t a particularly attractive option.  It only took me a month to develop a rather impressive ass of steel!

So, what am I going to use as a reminder that all will be well and that there is an end goal in sight?  This oh so loverly picture of the interior of my potential future RV!  So pretty!  Oooo and Aaahhh with me people!

2012 Sprinter Citation 24SA

Sprinter Citation 24SA
Tis the Dream!

Of course, if I do go the RV route, then I’ll definitely be getting one that is at least a year or two older than this one.  But it will be awesome and beautiful and amazing nonetheless!

I’m really going to miss living in SF.  I’m going to miss my roommates and their goofy dogs.  I’m going to miss all the different  and delicious restaurants outside my door.  But I’m damn excited about what’s coming.

This time next week, I will have taken my first steps towards mobile freedom.