That Moment When Laundry Becomes Worthy of Excitement…

My new “Life Plan” has run the gamut in reactions from genuine excitement, to jealousy, to indifference, to “can I come?”, to “I don’t understand why, but you have my full support,” all the way down to peels of laughter followed by a sobering, “Oh, you’re serious?”

I had a rather amusing conversation with an acquaintance the other day about the “Plan.”  The entire time she was trying so hard to feign indifference but the slight twitch of the upper right corner of her top lip betrayed her dismay at even the thought of 1) living in an RV, Tiny Home, or anything smaller than the grandeur of her 4 bedroom / 3 bath house and 2) traveling to places that are not either of the U.S. coasts (San Francisco and New York specifically as they are apparently the only respectable locations in this country)!  She did have some good practical questions about food, water, hygiene, safety and the like.  But the subject that stood out the most was regarding clean clothing.  I almost died laughing when I mentioned the use of laundromats and she very visibly fought the urge to scrunch up her face in disgust.  This woman obviously grew up in a MUCH different world than I did… Fascinating.

But she did get me to thinking… I’m not always going to be in an area with laundry facilities and to be honest, as much as I can sit, mesmerized by a wall of spinning clothing at the laundromat for tens of minutes on end, I’d much prefer my own washer/dryer.  But how do I go about doing laundry on the road, while using less water, little to no electricity and have it fit in a small space?  My mind immediately flooded with images of “Squatter Jorna” scrubbing and whacking clothing against the rocks of some local river bank.  Uh, NO.  Just… no.  I can’t even imagine…  Well, obviously I can…  And not to say I wouldn’t try it at least once, just for kicks.  But I digress…

And so, as people are want to do when curiosity strikes now a days… I googled the shit out of this topic.  Low and behold, there’s a whole world of eco-friendly washing and drying options, sans rocks and river bank! This particular little contraption got me all excited about laundry!



And really, it seems like a lot less work than it sounds.  From what I’ve read, it takes about 10 minutes to complete one 5 lb. load (faster once you get the hang of it– like 5 minutes, according to one reviewer).  As a Singleton, I’m not going to have a crap ton of laundry to do, and given that I don’t exactly have a ton of clothing anyway, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. And I save myself $5-10 every time I need to wash clothing since I don’t need to go to a laundromat!  Sweet!

Then I thought, what about drying my clothing?  I’d really rather not put up clotheslines in and around my home if possible. Then I discovered this awesome contraption:

Spin Dryer

2-3 Minutes of Spinny-Drying Fun!

Granted, it’s not an entirely off-the-grid machine as the “WonderWash” thingamabob, but with the solar panels I’m installing in my future mobile home, I think I can live with the fact that it needs just a little bit of current to work.  And in about 2-3 minutes it gets the clothing a really significant portion of the way dry so hanging time is very minimal.  Excellent!

Now I’m all excited about laundry.  Thank you “Scrunchy-Face Acquaintance” for setting me on the path to Laundromat Freedom.

All I need now, is a place to put my future eco-friendly washer/dryer… Like my new used RV/Tiny Home… That I don’t have just yet…

Am I any closer to a decision?  Not quite.  *sigh*  But I think I may be leaning more towards one than the other!  More on that later!  =)