That Missing Something

And it’s a big missing something… A drivers license.

Wait. Whuh?

So here’s the thing, I don’t have a drivers license. Yes, I am aware that it is a huge right of passage in almost every young persons life to earn the right to get behind the wheel of a moving mechanical behemoth, but I happened to miss out on this particular ritual. And really, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area (particularly San Francisco/Oakland) where public transportation is plentiful, I never really felt the need. Not to mention I was a ‘closet hippie’ in high school (because kids, and some adults for that matter, can be so unnecessarily cruel) so I didn’t want to contribute to the pollution of Mama Earth.

That’s no longer the case. Well, I mean, I still don’t want to dirty up Mama Earth, but I can’t really drive an RV, or a truck to tow my tiny home without a license, can I?  Ok, technically I can, but I’m trying to be a good upstanding citizen here!  So I’ll just offset that eco-indiscretion by making my future mobile home as eco-friendly as possible! But that’s a post for another day.

Yesterday I had the entire morning off.  So I trekked over to the local DMV office just after dark o’clock in hopes of being one of the very first in line! The office opens at 8am.  I got there at 7:30am… I was NOT the first in line.  Yeesh.

Notice the line of people waiting outside? Fun times.

Notice the line of people waiting outside? Fun times.

Here’s how the morning went… I waited in line outside.  I waited in line inside.  I was given a form to fill out.  I jockeyed for position on the smallish “long” table with the other form-filler-outers and wrestled for one of the few pens on the table. I finished filling out the form.  I got back in line.  I got a number.  I waited again.  But this time I got to sit in uncomfortable chairs the color of dried blood with graffiti tagged all along the backs.  I watched the loverly TV screen that occasionally displayed sample test questions, secretly patting myself on the back for answering them all correctly.  I bobbed my head along to the music coming from the hidden boom box of the older gentleman seated next to me.  My number was called.  I made the long walk all the way to the opposite side of the office to window 27.  The kind lady looked through my form and made sure I was all set to take the test.  All there was left to do before I subjected myself to my usual cold sweats of test taking, was pay the fee.  It cost $32 to take the test.  What???  Yikes.  I looked through my wallet.  I didn’t bring enough cash.  So I pulled out my debit card.  She swiped the card. I entered my pin.  I thought, “Finally.  I can get this RV party started.”… DECLINED.


We tried again.  Same deal.  I was pouting hardcore now.  We tried one more time.  Still declined.

Blargh!  My pin didn’t work!!

So, I was forced to make an appointment for the following morning at 9:50 am.  Oh, well.  At least my adventure was off to an interesting start.  Where would we be if life was just plain easy like that?

Today on the other hand, was a much smoother ride.  The line was a breeze.  The wait was short.  I paid, cash.  Had my “thug-like” picture taken.  Took the test.  Had a minor freak out during the test because I realized that I never actually read the permit manual thingie.  Finished the test and gave it to the lady for correction.  Waited somewhat anxiously.  And…

I passed!  Wooo!!  With only 1 wrong answer.  Heh.  I am now one step closer to my mobile life.

Learner’s permit in hand, I walked outside with a spring in my step.  And what do I spy parked right across the street from the DMV?

Four Winds RV

It’s a sign I tell you!!! =)

And my excitement grows…