A Cold, The Birds, and a Pushy Universe

My mom has a great garden in the backyard!

My mom has a beautiful garden in her backyard!

I’m freezing, my hair feels like ice and I think I’ve developed a head cold.  Slept with the window slightly open last night because my dumb butt forgot to close it (don’t tell my Dad though, he might freak out!  Heh).  But you know what?  That stuff doesn’t bother me.  Why?  Because I woke up to the sound of chirping birds and sunshine.  Chirping. Birds. And Sunshine, ya’ll!  =)

Something about waking up this morning felt good (despite the head cold).  It felt so good that instead of closing the window, I got up and opened it wider, letting the cool, crisp morning air inside.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, opened my ears, opened my heart and started to feel good again.

It’s a tricky thing, learning to be kind to yourself.  And more often than not, I fail, spectacularly.  I’ve spent way too many years not valuing my own opinion, my own thoughts, much less my own feelings.  I’m not going to do that anymore.  Yea, so I’m a slow learner.  But hey, at least I’m learning.  Know what else I’m gonna do?  I’m gonna be impeccable with my words (yea, I started reading the Four Agreements – my inner skeptic has been quelled).  I need positivity in every aspect of my life.  I’ve been negative for so long, even more so when my relationship crashed and burned.  No wonder some of my friends stopped contacting me.  Heh.  Who wants to be around that kind of constant negativity?  I won’t subject them, or me for that matter, to any more of that.  They deserve better.  And you know what?  So do I.

You know what else I deserve??? An RV!!!  Wooo!

Yep!  That’s right.  I’ve finally made my decision!  I’ll be living the nomadic life in my brand new ‘used’ RV in what I’m hoping will only be 3 or 4 months from now, job willing.  That’s not to say I won’t ever get a tiny home of some sort.  I certainly will at some point when I’m ready to settle down a little more and just unhitch my home occasionally when I feel the need to travel.  Can you imagine how cool that would be?  Instead of plunking down a ton of money renting some hotel room that hundreds, if not thousands, of other people have slept in you can just unhook your tiny home, hitch it up to a vehicle and go.  Instead of staying at some place claiming to have all the conveniences of home, you can just bring your actual freakin’ home!  That image just tickles me.  Heh.

Sometimes you just want to sit with big rocks... and a turtle.

Sometimes you just want to sit with big rocks… and a turtle.

But, for now my nomadic life begins with an RV.  Question is, which one do I get???  The possibilities!  So exciting.  =)  I’m so ready for this move!

You know, I don’t regret anything that’s happened between me and my Wife (or is it my Wife and I?  Someday I’ll get that right).  For years the not-always-patient Universe had been telling me that something needed to change. I just wasn’t listening very well, or, you know, at all.  So She decided to get all shove-y and unceremoniously kicked me off the edge of the most ginormous cliff She could find to get my attention.  Well, I’m listening now.  Hell, I can’t do anything but listen now.

Guess I needed to fall to discover I can fly (or drive in this case).

Thank you, Universe.  Today, I’m happy.